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Welcome to Sohum Studios


A platform dedicated to providing quality teaching, research and creative presentations of yoga philosophy and mythology for

teachers, practitioners and enthusiasts around the globe. 

 Philosophy   His-stories   Meditation   Yoga Nidra   Asana  .Creativity  

Natasha is a scholar, artist and yogi. She has been a student of Indic philosophies for almost two decades and practicing yoga since 2008. A qualified yoga teacher and practitioner her studies of philosophy and asana have taken her all over India and into Western universities - and she brings these learning into her projects and classes. Be it history & philosophy workshops, yoga nidra or meditation classes, or theatrical productions based upon spiritual precepts, or artwork that embody spititual ideas - every aspect of life is anchored in these ideas. 



so = "I am" and hum = "that"

Sohum is a mantra that when translated means "I am That" or "I am one with the universe".
This universal and natural mantra is presented within every body as the breath.

The inhalation of breath makes the subtle sound of 'So', and the exhalation of breath creating the sound 'Hum', hence 'SoHum'.

We are all SoHum!


Without a teacher, we can learn little.

Natasha gives huge thanks to all her teachers - past, present and future.

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