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Eco, sustainable clothes brands 2020

Updated: May 1, 2023

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Hey everyone,

Here is a list of eco brands that I’ve either bought from before or browsed through when looking for a needed item. They are not all perfectly perfect. But they are more consciouse and ethical than many. Some of them are doing their best to create a new narrative for the fashion industry by repurposing plastics and ocean waste into useable items, others are cleaning up their supply systems and becoming more transparent, others are looking into labour issues and offering above minimum wage.

It’s a start.

We CAN create a more sustainable world for the next generation through our choices. I’ll keep updating this – so if you come across anything, send it across to add it to the list. xxx.

twothirds – the jumpsuit i was wearing at Wulf & Lamb was from here.

Hush (women)

People Tree (women)

Reformation (women)

Bibico (women)

Reve en Vert (women)

P.S. they are not all vegan – so double check if that’s what you are looking for.

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