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Updated: Jun 13, 2021

Sometimes the day doesn’t go as planned. Sometimes you end up in places you had no intention of going. Sometimes even those unplanned plans don’t work out. And sometimes it takes you to places you may never have gotten round to venturing to.

That was my day today. An unplanned (as in one phone call and a few hours later i’m there) trip to Notting Hill to pick up a table. One taxi driver refused to take my table to its destination and another, although willing and helpful, couldn’t fit in the back of his large ‘assisted’ car. The unplanned plan didn’t work. What’s a girl to do?

Leave the table and go back home tail between legs or sort another way of getting it to its new home and then explore the area? The latter of course. And I found a gem. It’s been there for a while. Quite a long while. I had heard about it in back in its hay day. As luck would have it, my unplanned day took me to lunch at Redemption, Notting Hill.

What a wonderful ethos this lovely restaurant has! Plant based organic yumminess for everyone (carnivores and celeriacs includes). Jackfruit burgers, Buddha bowls and toasted banana bread with decidant coconut cream. Mocktails that make a mockery of cocktails and hot chocolate so deliciouse that i’m going back agian….perhaps tomorrow!

In a world full of stuff that’s not so good for us, here’s a place that’s yummm without the umm (as in ummm….should i really be eating this?). Sometimes its the unplanned days that bring you to those places that bring sparks of light to the grey. Those manifested ideas that are kindred to their ideals not content with mediocrity. Those days, although unplanned, are all part of the Plan.

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