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Kale, coconut and hemp chutney

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

A bag full of Kale that needs to be used? Tired of salad? Kale juice giving you the blues?

This kale, coconut and hemp chutney is a suprisingly yummy way to use up extra kale giving your idli, dosa, popadam, sandwhich, tikki, burger (whatever you want to chutnify) a health kick to remember. BONUS this chutney will keep in the fridge for a few extra days – meaning less fresh produce going to waste.

Use up your kale!


3 cups chopped kale with stems removed 1/2 cup coconut (desicated) 1/4 cup hemp seeds 1 tsp grated ginger 2 small green chillies 1tbl coconut oil (melted) 1/4 cup water 1/2 tsp tumeric pinch of black pepper juice of half a lemon

Wash and chop the kale – removing the stems. Add all ingredients to the blender and wizz untill chutney-fied. Add a little more water if required. Taste. Add extra salt or lemon as per your pallete. Blend again. Retaste. Put your hands up in the air for the yummy goodness of (saved) kale and the health kick of whole hemp seed 🙂


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